laser tag


Normal Business Hours


$7.00 per person per session (15 min session)


Hollywood’s Rodeo Drive under Arachno-Bots attack
3 levels playing Arena

Choose A Battle:

2, 3, 4, 5 and up to 6 different teams

or you against the world (each player is his own team)

Use your arcade game card to play


It’s just normal day in the back lots of Hollywood, when all of a sudden an arachno-bots invasion happens. Where do you run to? Where is safe? Robots that are programmed in the worlds most immersive laser tag arena are now focused on “tagging you out” and winning the battle. Be careful not to get hit by the robots that track every step you take. As your heart begins to pound and you feel as though you have to run for your life and not be hit by laser beams, you’ll notice three different levels so you’ll have plenty of protection. Your mission is eliminate the enemy. Can you do it? It’s every person for themselves or play as a team. Be ready for a challenging and fun tour to help save Hollywood’s back lots and the rest of the world.

Come Play our Fully Immersive, Interactive Laser Tag here at Celebrity Lanes!